This is a discussion board about the latest and most create HD wallpapers. Recent development has shown that the mass is looking for 4K even though their monitor does only support 1080P. It is because most people don’t understand the concept of a 4K monitor or do they think it is going to be sharper? We did some research about this subject and the conclusion is the latter. What does that say about the people who are doing this? Yes, you are right, they are in fact stupid and did not do research about this subject. We can inform you that having a 4K background image for your computer will only have downsides because it requires more computational power to scale the wallpaper back to 1080P. In the spirit of recent events i would like to share a some special HD christmas wallpapers with you.

When we focus purely on HD wallpapers, the question we keep hearing is about the differences between a regular, 3d or any other wallpaper comparing to an HD wallpaper. The main difference is the resolution of this image. An HD variant must always be higher than 720P because that is HD ready, but to truly appreciate the beauty this concept is to have one that is at least 1080P./p>